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Expansion Completed

We Appreciate You Very Much!

Thank you to all of our customers for the patience during the construction phase.

We are still adding product and getting things organized but the hard part is over. We now have twice as much space to serve you with a bigger variety of products. We are adding more balloons, plush animals and gift items daily. You can now watch as we Stuff your Gifts in Balloons.

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Do We Fill Helium Balloons?

We get asked all the time if we fill balloons that are bought elsewhere.

Sure we do!

There are some things you need to know before you buy your balloons and bring them in for us to fill for you.

Not all balloons are created equal. Latex quality varies a lot from company to company. In the shop we use Qualatex latex balloons and industry standard brand name foil balloons. When you buy from Amazon or Walmart you cannot be sure of the quality of your balloons. We do not guarantee anything about the balloons brought in from outside sources. We do not know until we fill them if they will float. Unfortunately, the cost of helium requires us to charge for any balloon we fill regardless of whether it floats or not.

We cannot be responsible for any breakage or leakers. Some balloon have weak areas and when they are inflated, they burst or develop a pinhole which leaks. If you need a specific number of balloons, please plan to bring us more than you require to cover any defective balloons.

We do not add Hi-Float to outside vendor balloons. If you want to have your balloons Hi-Floated, there is an additional charge. Hi-Float does increase the float time of latex balloons.

We use our ribbon on all helium balloons. We will not add metallic ribbon to any helium filled balloons (yours or ours) as it presents a serious risk of electrical hazards if the balloon is accidentally released and tangles in power lines.

Most customers believe that buying on Amazon, Walmart or other “discount” store will save them money. It could, but probably not when it comes to getting the balloons filled. We carry the 40″ Holographic Number balloons. The average Amazon price for the balloon is about $8 or 9 depending on the seller. You may get them for less if you search. The cost to fill them when you bring them in is $6 – So $14 or $15 each total. We sell them for $12 or $14 if you want a weight on them. Maybe you don’t want holographic silver. You can always order the color you prefer from us – our suppliers are usually able to deliver to us within 3-4 days – not much longer than Amazon. When you buy foil balloons from other sources, please make sure they are intended for helium filling. Many balloons today are air-fill only. This can be frustrating when you bring in a balloon and we tell you it cannot be filled to float.

Buying latex balloons from other sources to have filled is risky. We’ve had times where the balloons were great and there were no issues, but we’ve also had times where many were not usable. When you buy bulk latex balloons it may cost you a few dollars for the balloons, but then you have to take them somewhere and get them filled. Our price to fill regular 11 or 12 inch latex balloons that are brought in is $1.50 each. When you purchase from us you get an 11 inch balloon, Hi-Floated with ribbon and a weight for … $1.50 ($1.75 for printed latex). We are happy to order the color or print that you want.

I’ve has customers tell me that they can get a small helium tank and fill the balloons themselves. This is true. A Balloon Time tank at Walmart averages $46.99 and will fill 50 9inch latex balloons – But it only fills about 25 11 inch balloons which is what is normally brought in for filling. This works out to $1.75 per balloon and didn’t really save any money especially if only 6 or 7 balloons were needed. If you need more than a dozen, we have bulk discounts for quantities of 12, 24, 50 and 100. Please call us a few days in advance for large quantities that you want filled so we can ensure that we have sufficient helium in the shop.

If you still prefer to bring them in from another source, the answer to the question is, “Of course we will fill your balloons!”

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